Vortex — Power of cleanness


Household care is an activity consuming a lot of time, efforts and energy. That is why present-day housewives want to have newer, more efficient and more advanced cleaning means in order to get perfect results. Studies have shown that 19% of consumers are ready to buy goods at a higher price since when buying they are guided by their quality and functionality.

Vortex™ trademark was specifically developed by Vortex™ - Power Company (USA) and BIOSPHERE Corporation in order to:
- provide consumers with high-class, premium-quality cleaning means
- facilitate daily care for cleanness
- shorten time necessary for cleaning
- ensure the best results.

A variety of different materials are being tested in the company's laboratories. The goal of conducted investigations is to create high-quality, efficient, natural (containing natural constituents) materials and means for household cleaning and cleanness. The best of them are represented in the range of Vortex™ trademark commodities, and will be available for consumers in the countries of Europe, CIS, and Ukraine.

 Vortex-Power, the company specializing in the development of innovative products for cleaning and cleanness, is located in the city of New Castle, Delaware, USA.

The mission of Vortex™ trademark is to apply the power of innovative projects in the sphere of cleaning means to be a regular helper of the present-day housewife.