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ТМ Vortex household gloves

Our product range includes gloves with special additives lowerig the risk of skin irritation and allergic reaction, intended for different types of household chores.

ТМ VORTEX offers gloves with camomile extract and gloves with pro vitamin B5 (pantenol) added to the protective layer.

In addition to protective effect, ТМ VORTEX gloves have nice scent of mint, wildberries and lime which creates extra comfort during their use.

ТМ VORTEX household gloves with cuffs prevent moist getting inside the glove due to the long cuff, provide maximum comfort and convenience during different houshold chores.

ТМ VORTEX nitrile household gloves are durable and very elastic. Despite their thinness, they perfectly protect hand skin from dirt and bacteria.

ТМ Vortex household gloves

Latex. ТМ VORTEX household gloves are made of the natural latex material which is a high-molecular substance extracted from milky sap of caoutchouc Pará rubber tree.


Key advantages of latex gloves:

  • elasticity
  • resilience and durability
  • sanitariness
  • high-quality and dense cotton lining (protects hands from allergic reactions, controls sweatening, ensures easy taking on and putting off).

Technical characteristics of latex gloves by different manufacturers differ by the following parameters:

  • density (provides hand protection, longer service life)
  • quality, evenness and thickness of cotton lining (comfortable using, protection of hand skin)
  • special pattern (helps hold slippery things)

Nitrile – is a thermoelastic material which is 3 times more durable mechanically than latex or vinyl materials. Thin and at the same time durable nitrile gloves provide comfort and convenience for hands, protection and high sensitivity, and good protecting barrier from bacteria. The gloves are hypoallergic and do not irritate the skin.

The internal surface of TM VORTEX universal household gloves has special cotton lining containing camomile extract. Camomile has a number of medicinal properties. Its blooms contain vitamins Р, pro vitamin A, vitamin C which are essential for your skin. Camomile extract has anti-inflammatory and anticeptic properties, soothes skin and effectively treats irritation and reddening. Camomile extract is also known as the safest antiallergic remedy.

ТМ VORTEX household gloves for cleaning have inner cotton lining with pro vitamin B5.
Provitamin B5 has moisturizing effect, since it penetrates deeply and binds water in the outer layer of skin, nails, hair and follicules which makes dry skin softer and more elastic. It has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes irritated skin. It contributes to regeneration of tissues and stimulates faster healing of injured skin. It decreases the drying effect of soap.

Mint-scented cotton lining with camomile extract and mint scent


Wildberry-scented cotton lining with pro vitamin B5 and wildberry scent


Lime-scented nitrile

Key advantages of ТМ VORTEX gloves:

  • The gloves are manufactured according to the world quality standard ISO 9001:2000
  • Reliable protection of hands during cleaning due to the increased glove density and special cuffs
  • Protect hand skin against irritation and allergy due to antiallergic cotton lining with camomile extract and pro vitamin В5
  • Long service life due to the increased durability
  • Have nice scent of mint, wildberry and lime
  • Provide maximum comfort and convenience when you do your household chores