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27 December 2013


Basic using rules for dishwashing machine

28 November 2013

There are certain rules about cookery placement in the dishwashing machine. They must be abided.

Handmade Interior

12 August 2013

It is quite easy to make your home cozy and distinctive. In recent years the increasing number of people is making their interior more original using today's popular handmade techniques.

Modern home is a smart home

07 August 2013

"My home is my castle" is a phrase said by the English jurist in the 17th century meaning that any person should feel safe at home. In recent years, these words take on new meaning, and they are embodied in the principle of "a smart home" that is able to make "a castle" not only safe and secure but also comfortable.

Tableware Fashion Trends

31 July 2013

Small things influence on the atmosphere of your apartment, for example, a beautiful vase with flowers can make any room more comfortable, and bright curtains and rugs add style to your home. But tableware is the most important object in the kitchen and dining room. It is said that perfectly set table can lift your mood and increase your appetite.

Feng Shui Tips for Apartment Cleaning

19 July 2013

Regular cleaning of the house is the key to good health and good spirits of your family members. The ancient Chinese said that the inflow of positive energy came to clean and bright rooms, but not to the rooms cluttered with unnecessary furniture and objects. And you can notice that in a clean apartment it is easy to breathe, the mood becomes cheerful, you want to work and create something new. The Heavenly Empire Sages who recognized the laws of natural energy and combined them into the teaching called "Feng Shui", gave their recommendations on the principles of cleaning. If you clean your apartment according to these rules, you do not put obstacles in the way of beneficial energy Chi and eliminate unfavorable energy. By the way, there's nothing complicated - many housewives intuitively use these techniques in their daily cleaning.

Clean bathroom is a guarantee of health of your family members

02 July 2013

You visit a bathroom so many times a day, but you can definitely say that moisture is accumulated each time after you take a shower. Even with modern ventilation, lack of regular cleaning of surfaces makes a moist atmosphere in the bathroom an ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew. And it is dangerous for the health of all the inhabitants of your apartment.

How to inspire your sweet heart to split household chores

21 June 2011

Obsession with cleanliness and order is traditionally attributed to women. Men, preoccupied with global problems of decreasing an ozone layer, inventing a perpetuum mobile and reaching Mars rarely notice that it is a high time apartment was cleaned up. Nevertheless, woman who wisely controls even the busiest man make him share responsibilities for comfort and cleanliness.