Vortex — Power of cleanness


Silver Nano TechnologyNano

Applied in cleaning microfibre and viscose tissues:
  • the technology is based on a natural property of silver to kill a wide range of harmful microorganisms;
  • fibres of Vortex™ tissues contain silver microparticles;
  • the tissues clean surfaces from bacteria, and prevent microbes from getting on your hands in the process of cleaning;
  • silver microparticles prevent bacteria from growing in the tissue after cleaning;
  • antibacterial properties of Vortex™ microfibre tissues are confirmed by Hohenstein Institute (Germany) Certificate No. FI 06.8.3-0109.


Polymeric Surface Technology

Applied in polyurethane foam sponges:
  • the process of producing goods with polymeric surfaces rules out any toxicity of finished products, which makes them safe for people and environment;
  • antibacterial properties of the polymer allow not only to achieve visible cleanness but also to neutralize up to 90% of bacteria and prevent them from growing.


Hand Protection Technology

An innovation in the sphere of hand protection in the process of cleaning is producing cleaning gloves with specific additives decreasing the risk of skin irritation and allergic reaction.
VORTEX™ presents gloves:
  • with camomile extract;
  • with B5 provitamin (panthenol).

VORTEX™ designers have also created special gloves with elongated cuffs that provide maximum hand protection from water and dirt getting inside.


MPU Technology

Microfibre saturation with polyurethane is applied in microfibre tissues for cleaning glass and mirrors.
Microfibre tissues with the MPU technology have the following properties:
  • absorbing properties of the tissues are enhanced;
  • surface cleaning is ensured;
  • they polish surfaces;
  • they leave no traces of dirt;
  • they leave no lint or stroke marks.


Microbrush Cleaning Technology

Applied in cleaning microfibre tissues.
Microfibre tissues with microbrushes have the following properties:
  • they remove dirt softly and effectively;
  • they excellently absorb moisture and polish surfaces;
  • they remove dust, dirt and greasy spots without any washing agents;
  • they leave no traces, stroke marks or lint;
  • they have antibacterial and antistatic properties.


Three-layer sponges for cleaning and dish washing

These are one of the newest designs in the category of sponges:
  • the abrasive fibre layer removes dirt;
  • the polyurethane foam layer provides the formation of rich suds;
  • the natural cellulose layer absorbs moisture and wipes surfaces;
  • the combination of these properties in one product facilitates more effective and quicker cleaning and dish washing.

Соединение этих свойств в одном продукте способствует более эффективной и быстрой уборке и мойке посуды.