Vortex — Power of cleanness


Foam plastic dishwashing and cleaning sponges

  • ТМ VORTEX foam plastic dishwashing and cleaning sponges are developed using the most up-to-date production methods and materials.
  • Cleaning surfaces of ТМ VORTEX sponges were specifically selected for quick and effectice cleaning of different surfaces in the house: glassware, metalware, ceramics, teflon coatings, kitchen stoves and kitchen furniture, tiles.
  • Porous foam plastic and extra thick abrasive fiber are used to manufacture kitchen sponges. Porous foam plastic ensures rich suds formation, while special abrasive fiber allows to clean kitchen surfaces quickly and effectively and prolongs service life of kitchen sponge.
  • The unique feature of this category is antibacterial sponges with polymer coating.
  • Ergonomic shapes of sponges were specially designed to provide maximal convenience in use.

Foam plastic dishwashing and cleaning sponges

Large-pore foam plastic
Large-pore foam plastic made according to the special production method is used for ТМ VORTEX kitchen sponges. Due to such a structure, the sponge does not crumble when contacting with water for a long time and provides rich and stable suds formation.


Key advantages:

Abrasive fiber


Non-abrasive fiber


Polymer coating

Key advantages of ТМ VORTEX sponges:

  • High quality of foam plastic and cleaning surfaces is proved with certificates and hygienic findings
  • High quality raw material of the American and European origin
  • Special kinds of foam plastic ensure rich suds formation and prolong the service life of kitchen sponges
  • Special cleaning surfaces of sponges effectively and delicately remove different kinds of dirt
  • Availability of sponges with antibacterial polymer coating
  • Unique engineering of a sponge makes cleaning convenient, easy and quick.

Natural cellulose sponges

Cellulose – is a cellular tissue or the main construction material of the the vegetable kingdom, building intercellular walls of trees and other higher plants.
Large-pore regenerated cellulose is used to manufacture different kinds of cleaning and washing sponges. Cellulose sponges are soft and elastic, able to absorb a lot of moist when they are wet. They are made of natural material, therefore they cause no allergic reactions and are environmentally friendly. The natural antibacterial properties of cellulose are its most unique feature. While getting dry, the cellulose sponge hardens, which prevents germination of microbes and bacteria, as well as spreading of foul smells.


Key advantages:

Cellulose sponges for delicate cleaning


Cellulose sponges for regular cleaning


Moist-absorbing sponges

Key advantages of VORTEX cellulose sponges

  • High quality of cellulose and cleaning surfaces is proved with certificates and hygienic findings
  • High quality raw material of the American and European origin
  • Sponges can absorb a lot of moist
  • Prevent germination of bacteria and formation of foul smells
  • Cause no allergy even after long use
  • Leave no stroke marks or lint on the surface
  • Intended for dishwashing and cleaning different surfaces in the house
  • Ergonomic shapes of sponges allow to remove dirt from the hard-to-reach spots and create extra convenience during cleaning